Reviews for "Talk Head"

The worst part of animating has become one of the most entertaining gadgets.

Simply a good, addictive time-killer. I've been at it for about 2 hours and I hadn't even noticed. It's also good for practicing lip-synch in general.

If I had to ask for more, it's be more lip ranges because it doesn't exactly cover all the common sounds, but I suppose what's here is enough to improvise with. More facial expressions would be nice too, but that's not really as necessary.

It's kind of fun, but it's too bad you can't load in your own art so you can use it for your own projects.
Or have different kinds of mouths for the same phonetic so when one specific sound is dragged out you still get movement.

Oh well it works as a simple lip syncing device, you don't see things like that one the web a lot, GREAT JOB GUYS! Seriously. Amazing!

This is amazing! Glad that it's helping you guys as well :)

Thanks for this, for some reason the first and only thing I wanted to make was Jay T's Poundcake song, you can probably find it somewhere in the most recent syncs (as of this review).
Keep up the great work and thanks for keeping the site running strong too!

Really neat. Anybody reading this review: PM your data as text to me because I want to see

What an innovative tool! And for others, a great toy.

Hard to believe there are still big-leagues working in AS2.0, very surprising and cool!