Reviews for "Talk Head"

Love it a bunch guy, but i'm having a lil' difficulty w/ the lip-syncing and adding the track from NG. It's still good, just needs some polishing up is all.

THIS IS AWESOME! I always wanted to do some funny lip-syncing records! Thank you, Tom! Thank you, Johnny! :D

Just spent over 3 hours lip-synching 'Dance of the Manwhore'. Totally worth it!

It would be cool to be able to download the result to use it in our own animations, like the information of the lip sync.... it could be implemented as a class with an internal timer or enterframe listener that you used to connect movieclips and the class would send to the correct frame in that movie clip to get the current mouth frame based on the sound playing.

Like: LipSync.begin(); and then.... LipSync.connect( mc ); then when using other mouth: LipSync.connect( otherMouth); and it would disconect the old one and connect the new one....

that way one could use it for diferent mouths...