Reviews for "Talk Head"

Oh, so I got to do this manually? :(

It's still cool though, but is there anyway to hear other people's projects? I think that would be a cool feature to add if it doesn't exist, sort of like sharing maps on linerider.

I love it! But is it just me? or does someone else have a problem when you paste in your url into the game and it loads, but won't play? like I tried Alex care Too close to love you song and it did'nt work from youtube ):. Someone help!?

Yeah, it's not saving my sync or letting me use the text data which is killing me bro. It's a ton of fun though, just messing around with Tomamoto's pirate day submit. I'd have given it a five if it was properly saving!

This is quite possibly the most fun little gadget on Newgrounds.

I made it lipsync to "Do the Mario."
One thing that confused me is that I didn't entirely understand what "Save" did at first, so I have a few lipsync data things that are exactly the same.
I really like this :)

Love it a bunch guy, but i'm having a lil' difficulty w/ the lip-syncing and adding the track from NG. It's still good, just needs some polishing up is all.