Reviews for "Talk Head"

THIS IS A GREAT START TO SOMETHING. I thoroughly enjoyed this and think MORE CONTENT should be added. More faces of course, control over pupil, more characters, and just more of something. This is fun! Hope your FBI problem is a fluke. Ask a nearby police station if its legit.

fun and kinda hard but i made the blue guy sing my name is tom http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/downl oad/309633,1,0,1,1,19,0,3,20,0,2,21,0 ,1,35,0,3,36,0,2,37,0,1,58,6,0,59,2,0 ,60,3,0,61,2,0,62,2,0,63,6,0,64,5,0,6 5,4,0,66,3,0,67,7,0,68,6,0,70,2,2,71,
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I browsed some other people's work, and I gotta say, this is a great and fun tool. Thanks Tom and John. (also look for pirate contest TomaMato, by applesauce89, with the blue cube and red eyes, and yes I spelled TomaMoto wrong.)

Soon we'll b Kirby doo doo!

I'm a fairly new member of Newgrounds, and haven't written many reviews (if any). But I've been stalking for a few years and have seen enough to know what this place is all about. With that said:

This tool NEEDS to be a "thing." I thoroughly enjoyed tinkering with it, and it gives people like me (someone who doesn't know a darn thing about making anything flash related) a chance to see just a sliver of what we could be capable of. Its so fun seeing everyone's take on lip syncing and seeing the ideas they've come up with. It even allows some of us to view NG content we may not have seen or heard yet because we're able to browse the audio portal directly from the tool.

Even if this tool wasn't originally supposed to be a submission, it's a good thing you did it. If this does become a "thing", perhaps add more facial and eye features and maybe a couple more toons to choose from. Other than that, mad props to you, Tom and Johnny. Mad props indeed.