Reviews for "Legend of Pandora"

Great game. I really missed playing games like these. I know there are lots of 3D games around that looks cool and all, but there's just something about 2D Pixel games that grab my heart. xD

I only have one concern:

After 2 and a half hours and completing about 65% of the game, I had an encounter with a bat using poison. I didn't have any antidotes nor health potions. After running away from all of the monsters, I saw the computer where you can warp and save your progress. I never really intended to save to that point, but accidentally pressed the 'K' button twice on the PC so it automatically saved where I was.

I never really minded since I thought that if I saved there and died, I could just respawn back at that point.

Well, it did respawn me to that save point, but the poison and my health points stayed down. At that moment, whenever I respawned, I kept on dying instead of continuing where I was and the only way to go on with the game is to start over from the very beginning. I tried a lot of things to get my health back up by cutting some grass and finding hearts, then resaving my data when my health went up a little bit then let myself die, respawn, and cut off grass until it gave me hearts again.

I did repeats of this, but I accidentally saved again where, with my terribly low health, I could no longer even reach the grass around me. (Yes, I'm a klutz) It would be nice if you could change something about that.

Although I like this game a lot, starting over after hours of playing is just a god awful turn off. Maybe you could add an overwrite warning for saving, put a time limit on the poison, or when you save while having poison and die afterwards, you respawn back with the same amount of health, but the poison would be gone.

Anyways, great game. I like your work. Please keep it up. ^_^

It sorta reminds me of Zelda,and since it reminds me of Zelda it's a freaking awesome game!!

This is a good game.

It runs very fluenty and looks pretty.
The combat is fun, but it gets a bit mind numbing sometimes, because all you're really doing is spamming your attack button until the horde of mobs that's threating you does not draw breath anymore.

I usually enjoy 8-bit soundtracks and for the most part I enjoy this game's soundtrack as well, except for one song: The Overworld theme.
It really annoys and the fact that it is the theme song that you will be hearing the most throughout the game I often find myself playing with the music volume all the way down to 0 I'm on the overworld.

Another (small) complaint I have is about the NPC's dialogue.
I found a number of grammatical errors in them and it really annoys me.
Most of the errors I have encountered so far were at the beginning of the game.
Seeing that I'm only 3 hours in, I don't really know about the end game dialogue.

I won't comment on the story, since it's a basic RPG setup.

It's not really an exceptional game, but I do enjoy every minute I play of it.

Nice classic RPG game, i love it!