Reviews for "Legend of Pandora"

I have a question.... why is it I can rebind keys during a game, but not in the title menu? That's a little bizarre. Not saying it is bad, I'm actually glad you can rebind keys; I just don't see the logic. I'm happy with the little you have in your options such as the sound sliders and the key rebinds but you are lacking of a quality control. I admit that I don't need an option to lower the quality of the game, but there are people on processors who do and you should always consider that. Also the blue box to name my character is present before even attempting to skip the story. Luckily hitting continue the first time during the opening doesn't begin the game so I can admire that.

The actual game has some fun to it, but seriously reviewing it there is a lot I'm disgusted with. The level up system is dull, tedious, and pointless. You don't get any amazing or entertaining skills or anything and since this game is clearly close to being a clone of Zelda you might as well add the spin as a skill or magic or something. The skills were boring because they were all passives that affect your "damage output" or your "crit chance"; and that's about it. Not to mention after attaining a book you can't actually use it without wasting a level up unlocking the skill. Why? Why use that as a mechanic? I just acquired the damn manual and that should be obvious enough to teach me the shit I need to know, but now I have to actually level up the damn thing? That's ridiculous and a waste of a level I could be using boosting my chance of finding gold, the only skill that seems valuable other than the exp boost.

That brings the other issue. Balancing. The leveling doesn't really feel balanced to me because if you just level up getting money and exp first then you are gaining continual levels and money that you can hurry and buy the best weapon quicker rather than boost your damage in a specific weapon that you may or may not use. A better game plan is to think of the stats as passive bonuses, because that's what they are, and make abilities that focus more on crazy, fun stuff to do like charges or other things. These skills can still have a leveling system where if you level it up they gain strength, but making the skills just "weapon proficiency" is boring. Aside from that many monsters are rather generic of Zelda. The sounds for taking damage, the grass, the stones and tiles.

My question is if this game is a tribute to Zelda, or if it is just an insufferable clone. It has it's general differences, but making a game like this you should be careful how close it is to Zelda itself, because if you want a tribute you should focus more on contributing your own ideas. There are several games that pay homage to Zelda, and certainly this one does, but I've noticed few of those games can actually pay homage while staying true to the character and imagination that their designers have to offer.

So the combat is pretty fluid, the music relaxing and nice. I'm happy with the shortcuts and what not. The only last concern is this: You should make it so we can interact with the inventory via the keyboard. Switching between mouse and using two hands for keyboard is annoying. Aside from that this game is fun to play, if very grindy, and I will be seeing it to the end.

Its just zelda for game boy but without the awesome music.

Very Zelda-esque, but with an RPG feel.

I love it! Just like the old a links awakening. Very good!

black screen with a yellow text and powerful sound.

what was that, 100db? jesus and my speaker were at 3%, you woke my neighboors.

nothing to play, nothing works. i,m stuck with your logo "tremor games" with the insanely high sound...