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Reviews for "Deep Sleep"

it is really challengin game ive played a long time ago its cool and creepy too

It was perfect. Make a sequel!!

5 stars yo. This one of the best games ive played. The haunting sounds and aura that just keeps you on edge and interested the whole time, the perfectly timed jump scare, and the underlying presence of Them... mmmm gives me chills. And i love the difficulty of it all. Kept me busting my but trying to get to the next area. Astral projection was a wonderful concept. I just saw insidious 2 lol so i love that whole idea. Im starting Deeper Sleep now. hope it delivers as well as this did. :]

My balls flew off at the end of this one...ONTO THE NEXT ToT

this game is awsome!the surroundings are really eerie for the player.sends u chills easily.especially with headphones on.