Reviews for "Deep Sleep"

As someone who doesn't play a lot of scary games, watch a lot of horror movies, and was terrified of the game slender, this game made me crap my pants. Aside from the thrill of this game, the concept is very creative and unique and the execution of it is fantastic. The visual design really delivers the creepy feeling of the game as well as the soundtrack. All in all, I would recommend this game to anyone and thought it was absolutely brilliant. And this is coming from someone who wanted to cry almost the whole time. Now if you will excuse me, I have nightmares scheduled for tonight.

i almost pooped myself 2 times XD good job, it took me some time to find a thingy but that was a great game

Amazing atmosphere,great puzzles,good lighting,and overall a great game!

i really really liked this game! its well made and has a catchy story and it´s probably my favourite point´n´click adventure ever! it´s creepy and also very deep (whoa almost made a pun there) i love it so much! Sometimes i was a little stuck but all in one it wasn´t hard! I played both parts and I can´t wait for a new game like this! o v o

Just love the game! I love how this game has no pop ups yet it still gives you that horror atmosphere! keep up the excellent work!