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Reviews for "Deep Sleep"

Great game, way to bring the creepy

Awesome game. I always love scary games.

But what was the lucky piece of coal and the golden statue for? I feel like I didn't truly complete it.

any body notice on the phone ellisa wake up and ellisa dead! ?

Excellent! was surprised how quickly it ended! It was incredibly well played and the puzzles were awesome! The everlasting chime from the cube and the first encounter with the body snatcher is what cheeped me out the most.

It felt unfinished because I had so much stuff left. The coal, the old rag, the golden statue, and that mysterious scale and squeaky horse seemed like loose ends. I now understand that two of those where references.

Loved the game!
Also...does anyone know how to get the hidden medal? pm me pls!

look at the golden statue you pick up it's stephano from amnesia I'd love to see pewdiepie play this but everybody who is reading this look at the golden statue a bit more closely and carefully it's stephano