Reviews for "Deep Sleep"

Correct me if I am wrong, but it seems that the stubborn guest method triggers a glitch or easter egg in which shadow poeple eyes are there RIGHT after opening the code door. I went in the hall even as they were there and nothing.

Whatever the cause, the eyes are there before I so much as cover the dark hallway to get to the item at the end of it.

when reading the note there was a secret message and in the end it makes perfect sense. if you read every last word in every sentence of that letter you will get this: SOMEHOW. REAL. DREAM. I see what they did, well done.

Easter Egg Stephano #PewDiePie

What an excellent game you made here! I like how the atmosphere of this game's dreamscape is mysterious and unknown to the player. I also like how creepy those Shadow People are with their seemingly emotionless gaze and their white, puppies eyes. Great job for your effort!

Deep Sleep features an eerie plot that is simple yet effective and well-narrated. Although the point-and-click mechanics can be frustrating at times, the gameplay is fun overall, and completing each task is rewarding.