Reviews for "Deep Sleep"

This game is so well made. It creeps you out without needing countless jumpscares. In fact it was the quiet bits that had my headphones off!

Keep on making Amazing games scriptwelder!

Very GOOD!!!

OH DAMN I was so scared playing this game! When I got in the furnace, I felt like something would close the hatch and turn on the flames again... The first time I saw the shadow coming at me REALLY freaked me out and oh my god if I wasn't playing this game in a well lit room with my sisters I probably would've peed my pants.

I love how this game gives you a good scare and send chills up your spine. Well, my spine, at least. Would totally play this again.

A perfect example of how a simple, creepy story can be told really well- Really maximizes the atmosphere, right up to the finale. Perfectly formed - I wish there were more done like this!

I love when a story can be done well without needing overcomplications, gore or in-your-face volume - It just show how much more powerful it is. Good puzzles, great atmosphere, needs nothing else. All the best stories are so simple they could almost seem true, and good creepy games are hard to find!