Reviews for "Deep Sleep"

Great game. I loved it. It wasn't so scary because of the jumpscares (not that they were bad, the hands in the furnase were my favorite) but just because the atmosphere makes you feel that someone is watching you (not because when you ring the bell it says "I feel like someone is watching me, but because the plot, the darkness and the pixalated style makes it feel really nightmarely). I can't belive that PIXELS can help the game get even scarier, but they really made everything looks more unreal. The first time I played it I was scared to sleep because of obvious reasons. The scariest part for me was when I read the last note in the newspaper room (If you can't find it, its an easter egg room hidden in the tunnel with the light in the end, leading to the staircase with the windows). I am sorry for only speaking about the horror, but it's my favorite part.
I found only one glitch-when I replayed the game searching for the secret medal and opened the door with the code, the shadow person's eyes were at the door (but this didn't prevent the gameplay at all, so it's not a reason for removing stars anyway) great job Scriptwelder 5/5 :)

Deep Sleep is a genius pixelated game with brilliant plot. The game as a whole was great. I'm not ofen a pro at Pixel hunting but I was able to figure it out myself. There's no doubt of the game's awesomeness. It's Scriptwielder. This game is a classic and one I've been playing for days now. It's so addicting.

The atmosphere of the game is spot on. The game doesn't have the best jumpscares but those hands on the furnace did really scare me off a bit. The references were my favorite part. It's nice seeing references of things the author likes. The graphics were great. I don't say this because I'm a pixel game lover, but they were amazing and more than enough to portray a dark atmosphere. It proves that a game doesn't need ''cool-HD PS/XBOX 3D graphics'' in order to express itself. The dialogue was kind of terrible. The english was a little bad, atleast for me, for someone who knows English really well. Although it has bad dialogue, the graphics and atmosphere help hold the story to it's feet.

I liked the idea of horror and puzzles mixed together. It was a factor that contributed to the atmosphere. The game wasn't rocket science hard, however, the game has it's flaws regarding that, which is where constructive feedback takes place. In Deep Sleep, there's often alot of items that look like they can be picked up but they can't because it's part of the atmosphere. I wish the enviroment was more interactive. There were some items that were easy to miss because they had very small hitboxes such as (SPOLIERS!!) the bone you have to collect from the skeleton. The game had a nearly flawless map design. The perspective changes was the trouble that the game suffered. When I got out of the the dark tunnel by going through a cylindrical-like window enterance, the perspective took a 3rd person perspective change. It would've been fine if you would be able to see the character, but in Deep Sleep, you can't see the character because it's a first-person point n'click game, so the perspective change might leave the player confused and not knowing where they came from. The same goes with the hallway leading to the first phone room. I liked the moment where you ran away from the shadow person. Never knew I had that skill in a point n' click game. I liked it. The gameplay had a little bit more of everything rather than pixel hunting such as running away, and even defending yourself from the threat. Nice work.

I can't expect any less from the brilliant mind of Scriptwielder.


The game receives 4 stars. The only problems with the game was the hit detection and that 3rd person perspective change, since you can't see the character like for example, in Pico's School. The perspective seems confusing, which might result in the player being disoriented, confused, or worst, frustrated. Other than that, not bad for your first point n' click game.

The plot behind it was brilliantly creative, the gameplay was great, the "bad graphics" motif was awesome stylistically, all in all a nearly perfect flash game. In my opinion the best of the trilogy.

OMG, IT WAS AWESOME!! I had goosebumps and sweat and all combined when these shadows showed up. Classic Scriptwelder (y)

i pick up a statue
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