Reviews for "New Avenger"

Just freaken classic! Jesus as a super hero...


Thor would be stronger than Jesus. Jesus was born from a mortal, which makes him a demi-god. A better match for Jesus would be Hercules, who has about the same origin story.

Lol, I love how the new athiest community is blaming the religious community for the lower rating because of the crass humor put into this. The writing of the script is also responsible for the rating as well. I've seen religious satire on newgrounds that was well thought out and wasn't aiming to alienate and put a black eye onto someone's beliefs. The problem with humor like this is that it sinks along the lines of Inappropriate Comedy.

Or he could just throw fish at them .

Lol, I liked his costume. Also, congrats, you only had 2 butthurt Christians review your work! And hey, at least the bad guys get to go to heaven for his sacrifice or something, right?