Reviews for "New Avenger"

Obviously you guys haven't see Pixel Fiction yet... Might wann talk gods another time.

Perhaps when the hordes of three-foot tall locust start flying in at the last screeching trumpet blast from the six horrifying riders signaling its coming...

Burn in hell fuckholes...

I liked this!

This was a funny movie that I enjoyed quite a bit (good for a chuckle, at least). The graphics were good, the voice acting was befitting, and the jokes were well placed and relevant. This is a great video, and I'd love to see more Avenger parodies (if possible :/ ) :)

I love you for this, man. lol

That was awesome! You have a unique style for the most part of this short. It was simple yet very defined especially the end. Audio was well done, Especially the voice acting it was hillarious for atleast a second to hear Superman cry like a wimp! This was a neat little nod and piece to The Avengers yet it was its own story in itself. I'm going to bestow you a 4/5 and a 4/5 in voting power. Keep practicing, creating and contributing on here. I hope you've enjoyed this review friends. Good day.

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