Reviews for "Untitled Face 1"

do an album cover...i demand you

fuckin awesome!!!! its so abstract and colorful...wierdness is good....

so sick!

i love this pic but if i wanted do draw a trippy picture like this would normal crayola markers work for coloring and still look good?

AKS9 responds:

the felt tips i used for the eyeball, the red streaks and the yellow light-borders probably arent that much diffrent from crayola markers (maybe those ones are thicker though)
the rest of the colour was done with coloured pencil (shapes and face-through-light)


like the colors and stuuf nice work dude

Whoa I'm being sucked in!

*faceplants computer screen*

where do babies come from?

thats where they come from honey. a universe of stars and colors. nice painting.

AKS9 responds:

lol :D
(it's pencils and felt tips btw, i cant use paints)