Reviews for "Hop Bob"

This is boring and tedious. A good sleep aid though.. I guess.

I felt like my time was not valued as a player.

not too bad of a game. it made you think. has a pitfall meets mario brothers feel to it

This is the worst game I ever played to completion.

No no no. This is just... Boring. It shouldn't take three levels to explain the controls, the stages were boring and repetitive... It definitely has the "game-maker's first platformer" vibe. The stages are full of false difficulty, where you have to restart if you accidentally jump in the wrong spot or fall through a blue square - and that's the only difficulty there is.

Coins and enemy hits don't matter to the score since you have to gather/kill them all to proceed, so why add them to the score at all? Nobody cares and nobody wants to see it, which makes the already annoying inability to skip the score tally even worse. The ending screen feels out of place and confusing, since there's no frog hinted at anywhere nor is there any explanation of what it's doing on the ending screen.

Becoming faster after beating the game works against it; Sure, now you're faster! ... But there's no indication anywhere that there would be any change, so few players would actually go to replay it. You need some way to let people know there's a change, maybe in the ending screen? I only found out from reading another review, which was the only reason I replayed it. And since you're now faster than your bullets, I frequently started running into enemies out of impatience since the stages were all the exact same as before and just as boring. If anything, the speed increase should've come at some point during the game, maybe halfway in, rather than afterward.

And I'm not sure if this one's your fault but: When the first achievement popped up, it freaked me out because the game's soundtrack is incredibly low and I adjusted my volume to it, making the achievement sound very loud in comparison. If possible, fix that.

Overall... No good as a game, kind of okay as a concept. It's slow and sluggish, which makes it a chore to play and the addition of the frog in the second playthrough just isn't worth it. I gave it a 1; You can do far better!