Reviews for "Hop Bob"

Pretty good game, but when a level is designed so that I need to go from side to side collecting coins when I could purely be doing the puzzles, it gets a bit tiring. Making the character cover as much area in the level as possible isn't as fun as having the player only collect coins which are in the general area of the puzzle. Still, good short game

The game was good,but it was easy and so short.

i think this game is far too slow and tedious when collecting coins, that is a very old and quite frankly boring mechanic and shouldn't be a factor for finishing the level.
The enemies feel almost unnecessary since they are so easy to kill and hardly stop you from completing the level. Also the particles falling from the coins and enemies felt really unnecessary and was just a gimmick and a proof of concept rather than a legitimate graphic or mechanic
In conclusion i feel there is a lot of unnecessary features and mechanics in this game and should focus more on fast paced combat, puzzles or adventure and not trying to find some sort of middle ground because i feel this is quite a boring mix and had a lot more potential than what was shown here.

I made it to level 12 but I was bored before that. Just needs more to it, really. The level design wasn't great, either. You want to make sure the played doesn't spend too much time backtracking in this kind of game.

Played all the levels, didn't get the medals.

Too bad.