Reviews for "Hop Bob"

I really liked the part where you had to collect coins and kill monsters.

I don't really know what to say about it. It could be good game if you will put some more effort in. I mean it's really cool idea to upgrade the character after beating the game, that works every time, so I hope something more after beating game third time like new hiden levels, new bosses, new abilities and so on. Game wasn't bad in fact- keep up the good work MY SON!!

Good game, i like that speed upgrade, and the 'boss' frog, he was too easy XD(search lvl 13 for him)
However, the level design was always the same square, and no other things came in either. More monsters would be great, and some pick-up items. But u have a beginning, well done!

it is a nice short game but....it got stale really quick and the music made in time made me want to kill this game

it was ok
not very challenging the monsters felt almost unnecessary bcause they were so easy to kill from far away..
i echo the person below me's thoughts on the coins