Reviews for "Hop Bob"

Good work on making this.This game has the retro arcade-like feel wit its simple-looking animation and the gameplay seems like a piece of cake at the first few levels but the last six or seven levels are not so as the player really needs to be alert and think a little before making their next moves(Hint:Look for the path that not only gets the character in but also out and try to collect all the coins and kill all enemies before going for the last platform with no way out).The one minute timer can be a little problem but how will be the game become difficult without it??Anyway,thanks for making this game,it really brings back good old memories of the long gone era of arcade games.

VEry fin simple game.

Would have liked more things to do but it was okay

I really liked the part where you had to collect coins and kill monsters.

I don't really know what to say about it. It could be good game if you will put some more effort in. I mean it's really cool idea to upgrade the character after beating the game, that works every time, so I hope something more after beating game third time like new hiden levels, new bosses, new abilities and so on. Game wasn't bad in fact- keep up the good work MY SON!!

Good game, i like that speed upgrade, and the 'boss' frog, he was too easy XD(search lvl 13 for him)
However, the level design was always the same square, and no other things came in either. More monsters would be great, and some pick-up items. But u have a beginning, well done!