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Reviews for "54 Dead Miles"

nice quite hard and fun also I BEAT IT WITH THE MINI VAN i dare every body to try that one and actually do it

nice tough the car seem more like rhinos when they move and these zombies dont even try to break in to the car they seem to be preoccupied slowly humping the air

This is how AMC's "The Walking Dead" should go.

Not a big fan of the first vehicle flipping so easily but heck I guess that's what practice is for.

what the hell man, my windshield wipers dont work, how am i suppose to see with all that blood on my windshield?

even after buying max control for any of the vehicles i have no control over any thing plus its like they are as light as a peice of paper cuz im going on what seem to be a flat area and boom the trucks ass is straight up in the air... srsly?