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Reviews for "ReSubs"

Loved it. While not acually a game perse it's still fun as hell. I think mine was in the top five. Last time I checked. It's called The Martix, It's a resub of the chacha clip.

Happyfat responds:

Your ReSub is awesome!! Had me giggling and if you notice is now featured!

Brilliant game. I made a pair of subs, too.
Only thing is that you need to add more video's, cos' it gets boring after a while.
I made a resub of the Terminator, called Death Penalty

Happyfat responds:

Thankyou, any ideas for clips for ReSubs 2?

i really enjoy it, i always wanted to make downfall parodies, but if you could add the other scene from downfall, with like, the pens and the map, that'd be the best!!! looking forward to # 2!

Nice program!

Happyfat responds:


This looks like it could be an awesome game. Many of the video clips that have been created are insanely funny (I want to make Peter's yell a ringtone!). My only gripe is the lack of clips. Five clips is not enough!

That, and I'm afraid that I won't be able to create a decent clip :( Maybe there could be a random subtitle generator...

Lookin' forward to seeing how well this game will do!

Happyfat responds:

Thankyou, Any ideas on clips for ReSubs 2?