Reviews for "Salem"

great game hopfuly in the second one you put in a melee weapon like a sword or a dagger that would be awesome


This game was surprisingly a lot of fun! The story was witty and well written, the characters had great chemistry and Zipp's voice acting was amazing! The game did run a tad slow but that's probably my fault for playing on a craptop. My only legitimate complaint is that my lantern seemed to run out too fast in the final fight but again that could be my fault entirely.
Salem reeks of polish and hard work and I enjoyed nearly every minute of it, I also loved the bit after the credits because I was wondering what was gonna happen with Zipp (I hope that didn't spoil anything). I'm definitely looking forward to the sequel and will be watching you in the future! Good job!

It is 5 starts, epic, what i want see in next:
Faster movements
Level up
LEVELS! It needs levels!

stuck... :/ how do you get passed the first gate!