Reviews for "Salem"

love the game even though i've played it many times over the course of its development. good job as always tarrienn and jeinu :D. also @ deathman1021 nocxis is a timed fight looking away does nothing.

Tarienn responds:

Hi buddy

Good game nice story, and main char zipp. Thanks Done odd that it lagged worse on new game+ then first time on end boss.

good game but im stuck on level 2 possesion idk what to do some one please help

This is why i love newgrounds. Interesting gameplay with the lamp, a story that wants you to continue no matter what, and terrific voice acting. Lagged a bit on some Bosses and the penta-/nona-/hexagrams were impossible to finish [especially the last x) ]. But the 5 stars are well deserved.
Cant wait for the next chapter and the evolution of the chars.

So far

Ps: Im not a native english speaker, so... if you find any mistakes, you can keep 'em ;)

Loved this game! Definitely original and greatly entertaining!

I thought the voice acting was rather well done and the voices fit their characters quite well. The story was/is interesting and Anselm's character development really intrigued me. As far as gameplay goes, I thought everything was perfect. You didn't waste massive amount of time on the generally pointless slaying of minor enemies, which you don't often find in many games. Your use of bosses as the main enemies really made me happy, and made me want to keep playing. It was just difficult enough to be a challenge, but not so difficult that it was frustrating.

Overall, I commend you for a job damn well done! I most anxiously await the next installment to the series! Best of Luck!!