Reviews for "Salem"

Controls seem to lag behind a bit, but awesome, more, I want more of this story, the world and progression makes this awesome.

That game is awesom it is made really nicely and its interesting.
I do not have some enought big negative thing to mention.
Good work and I love Zipp he is funny and kinda sarcastic XD I love it.
We (counting myself and most of other players) are really ''dying'' to play next story continuing.
I wanted to write something awesom but i forgot what was it...
Never mind XD

I loved Zipp! The game was also very awesome :). I look forward to the next addition!

This game was excellent, by all means. I loved how smooth the animation was, the dialogue's clean cut ins, and the levels were reasonably hard.

However, without the walk through, there were very few hints that appeared to give me an idea of what I should do. When I met the wall of corpses, I was dumbfounded by how useless my efforts seemed whenever the eye gave me a one hit kill. Unsure of what to do, even as I was able to get on the shelves I tried about three times before going to the walk through and figuring out the eye had a time limit. The opening of it is very... subtle. Barely noticeable until the third or fourth try. So that's not a big nit pick. However, this was a reasonable boss fight. Not like all the ones where they point out everything.
I mean, thank goodness it's nothing like that. And at least it's nothing like you didn't give me any hints at all and left me in the dark. If a player had an average memory, they should at least be able to remember jumping on the shelf and how it had the same rail....things as the windows. thus, you should be able to jump up them.

The voice acting was excellent and simply fit perrfeecttllyyyyyy.... and I just loved the bits where he would narrate. However, when I first started the game I felt confused when nothing happened, realizing I might have to click about five minutes later. Making it too obvious can be annoying, and so can making it too subtle. But... you're only slightly inbetween. Slightly. Maybe it's not a matter of putting a button there ((DUUUURRRR OH I CAN CLICK THAT? OKAAAYYYY.)) or if you do, that it be very discretely inlayed into the map ((not always a good idea)) but rather, a matter of whether you should be able to click or not. If it simply fades after the dialogue WITH the option to click to make it go faster, then it's not really that big of a nitpick either.

However, if there is one thing I can say did slightly push my buttons, it was the dialogue at the end... not the very very end, but after you defeat the final boss. I'm fine with the fact that he narrates it, he did very well. But the character almost seems to fake the reader out.... multiple times. This may simply be due to how long her pauses after each paragraph ((which is understandable)) but he honestly feels like he's about ready to end his paragraph, and then... another one starts up. As if the previous one didn't quite... exist. So in my eyes it's just a matter of how long you hold the pause.

What ADDS to that however, in the best way possible, is the final final ending. I love it with all of my heart, as it perfectly foreshadows a sequel!

If only the game had been just a bit longer though... I thoroughly enjoyed it, but this leaves a feeling of great longing when you have such a great story. It's not a matter of how many bosses or enemies there are... no no, it's not that. maybe it's a matter of slightly extending the inbetween parts before each boss? I'm not quite sure. But quantity never quite overwrites quality, I'll tell you that. And this was a quality game! I was looking all over for a download link.

Overall, good show! Kudos to all who participated in the creation of this, and good luck with your future works!

That was amazing, I loved the interplay between Zipp and Anselm. His death was awesome. :)
I can't wait for the next one, great work!