Reviews for "Salem"

Great game, I replayed it 3 times but I still cant figure which 2 medals I'm missing. It's the second and fifth last.

I have another favorite character on newgrounds :D

Zipp made it 10X better

I am the god of fire and i bring you FIRE.

It had the potential to be a good game. However, the mouse arrow would not work properly while trying to draw the symbols in the boss battles. It is very frustrating to basically beat a boss but still fail because of someone's programming errors. This problem did not occur until the third boss. The graphics are too intense even on the lowest setting and the mouse arrow lags. After the pentagram drawing image goes away the mouse arrow moves all over the place to catch up with my input. I couldn't even manage to draw the symbol for the last boss because this lag was so bad. Since this problems still occurs even while the graphics are set to the lowest quality a fix of so sort would be nice. I have read other comments describing this same problem so I know that this problem isn't limited to only my computer. A possible solution to the problem is to make the entire screen go black while you are drawing the symbol to finish the boss. All of the other graphics are worthless at the time anyway. Another solution would be to just ditch this whole symbol system. A game that doesn't even work properly can never be great.

WTF I KEEP tING TO BEAT THE LASt bOSS BUt it freezes on me when i pess space. AWSOME GAME!