Reviews for "Salem"

This game is awesome. I love the the gameplay, story, and the voice acting. I like how the game uses its gimmick of the lamp. The boss fights are fun challenging. This is an amazing game and I hope there is a sequel.

There really shouldnt be more secret medals then normal ones but whatevs, the gameplay was really good and so were the graphics and music

Will be a second part? really? Please, say yes!

Tarienn responds:

Yep! It's called Andover.

But don't expect it any time soon, I wanna make a few other games before I start on that.

Does anibody can help me hear im a little bit dumb by asking this but could you please let in the comment or answer me how to get the >not very good at this are we and you forgot chu please i know it sounds stupid but i would really appreciate your' help for this thank you and see you soon!.

love this game !