Reviews for "Salem"

Best game I played on here in awhile

This game was just wow, great art, great voice acting, I love it love it.
Good job guys, I love to see more.

I really, really wish this was a lot longer. I loved the boss fights, even if the game in general was a bit easy. I'd love to have the NG+ mode a bit more challenging, it became an absolute cakewalk. Story was simple, but the dialogue really nailed it. Lovely game!


I love everything. the storyline and voice acting and music everything but one thing that would have made it for my very liking was that in my option that the next game has to be longer I beat it in about 45 mins. the boss were hard at first but after what I was doing it was a easy as cake. the 45 mins. was the best mins. of playing that game.