Reviews for "Pirate Vs Alien Lobsters"

I had some good fun with this one. It was a little laggy for me but that's because I'm running on a netbook. Kinda reminds me of the old gorillas quick basic game. Great sprites.

worked as game artist for this one. glad its finally here in NG! ^.^

This has been done to death but the graphics are nice and the high framerate makes it look smooth.

Difficulty is all over the place, goes from easy to hard very erratically. Nice art design though and fairly fun.

Graphically funny (except perhaps the locusts xD), fun gameplay and nice music.

The levels are well done although some like the 9 is very complicated, maybe that would work better with bouncy balls, I think. Anyway, it's quite addictive. I like the amount of achievements there is something I value in all games.