Reviews for "Concord"

wonderfully done, not much more I can say really :D

amazing but sad :)

thats was best movie i ever seen it mad me sad

.wow :,)

First of all, I'm not a 5-star voter. I only vote, as a rule, on good submissions OR submissions under judgment and although I'm generaly sober on my votes, I'm not an ass, either.

Still, your submission is... beautiful, in every aspect of it. It makes me remember my best friends, the people I've loved and lost so far along the road... It's really Drama - or at least what I believe drama should be like.

Thanks for that piece and keep up, Sister.


FightForSushi responds:

I don't give out 5-stars on a whim either, and those 5 stars I see up there are the brightest I've ever seen.

Thank you.