Reviews for "Concord"

wonderfully done, not much more I can say really :D

amazing but sad :)

(Wow... P-Bot really picked good vids today.)

Very good quality, great graphics and animation, and most of all, it had a great impact in my heart.

Let's suppose that the dog is a boy, and the cat is a girl.

In the beginning, the dog was a loner. But when the cat came to him because she knew that he didn't have anyone to be with him. This showed that no one can be alone and stay alone forever. They became good friends, showing that true friendship grows greatly and does great things to our life. As you saw in the video, the dog became very happy when he played with the cat, even though he was greatly lonely without her. After all the time they spent, the cat had to go and, just as any good friend would do, the dog somehow let her go with a little sadness within him. This tells that everything comes and goes, but one thing remains in friendship: the bond between the two or more friends.

Thank you, FightForSushi, for uploading such a touching video, and thank you, reader, for taking your time to read this review.

FightForSushi responds:

This is a lovely review, and an even lovelier interpretation. Thank you so much for watching.

thats was best movie i ever seen it mad me sad

.wow :,)