Reviews for "Concord"

amazing but sad :)

Cute! But the ending was sad :(

It's quite moving, really. Definitely quality work that shows how far simplicity really goes. That said, two small things: I'd like to see some credits at the end, the reason for this being the second reason - the title of the song that was used. Otherwise great stuff!

FightForSushi responds:

Check the description. Thanks for the gracious rating and review!

I gave it this rating for some of the same reasons you have been told about already. Personally, I like this. It's sweet and I can relate to it a little. I don't understand why they separated, did your friend move away? Maybe I missed the reason myself. Also, what is the name of this song? I've been looking for it for several years. My favorite thing was the puuppy's cute expression when the kitten grabbed paws before they ran off. D'aww! :3

FightForSushi responds:

Dearly Beloved, it's a Kingdom Hearts theme.

And yes, she did move away.

I gave this to her as a gift, a dedication. I almost didn't upload because I knew it wasn't very clear to an outsider. Thank you for the review!

omg so beautiful.. the ending made my eyes water ; - ;