Reviews for "Night Light "

Big ol' 5. You worked dead hard on this and it was a pleasure to see it through the works, Your animation is superb, fluid and full of life! I can only wish to achieve the charm and character your work oozes someday. You took a huge step up from your last works and combined a whole new bunch of skills to pull this together! the backgrounds and atmosphere and colours are just gorgeous! Really fab how this moves along to the music, the pacing is great! Worth every minute of work, late night and waves of stress you may have undergone ahaha, now go chill and ponder up a new idea for your next big animation, I want more! ;)

Great work! You clearly worked hard on this.
The music was a good choice and fitted it nicely
I especially liked the way some of the monsters transformed. Very creative

Amazing, great imagination here and a perfectly fitting music.
Really good work. Nice drawings, color palette and animations overall.

prety nice for a new grounds animatsion but hey i loved it 10 out of 10

I was just browsing through some of the animation on here and came across this. I swear to god we must be on similar wavelengths or something because I just finished a cartoon about monsters with a kid that looks kinda like that. That aside this movie is beautiful. It's this kind of fun, vibrant, creative stuff that I love to see. You had a lot of fun making this and it shows.