Reviews for "Night Light "

pretty amazing ! looks like a lot of work ! i love watching stuff like this, good story too. My only advice (you dont have to take it lol, but yeah) calculate the spacing between drawings, when the character blinked you drew an even spacing, same space between frames also when the character moved. Either way, its a 5, you were nt lazy and i love that.

Very good! I still enjoyed it the 10th time I saw it. This could make a really good game.(Just throwing out ideas.)

Whacky, I love it. The plot is there, the characters are awesome, the background is devilish yet with a cartoony look. Kind of an Alice and Wonderland type movie. It was even a bit humorous which is a nice touch. Great imagination. Even better job.

awesome video! great animation, great choice of music, and the graphics was awesome!

I think it tells that most kids are afraid of the dark and use that light for comfort in the night. But sometimes, it fails and gives them nightmares. Try to make the light represent hope and the ghosts... well, fear. when the light disappears, the ghosts take over. But even though it's gone, you have to be brave and get it back.

"Fear can hold you prisoner, hope can set you free." - Shawshank Redemption

really great animation and music