Reviews for "Night Light "

this would make a great game!

cool animation I like the hole idea of this animation really cool man

Very good. The musice choice was interesting, not exactly scary, but it worked. The animation flow style fit well with the nightmare theme. and I liked the general story over all. besides more realistic graphics, which i realize is not easy to create or fitting for this movie, it was done very well.

Pretty Nice animation and yes awesome with the misic mood and the animation . I think The Music is just totally awesoe thou I loe it I want it !!!

The game is good, but you still have to improve a number of things to enhance the story, try deeper into history and the consequences of their decisions, such as when we choose to help james, it could very well kill us for not trusting us, try to deepen the characters and their feelings and make more options decisões.mas the idea of the game in this exellent, congratulations