Reviews for "Night Light "

Every facet of this animation is imposing. From the fanciful concept to the fluid, impeccable frame-by-frame animation, it's all fantastic.

I would love to continue this review, however, this is too irreproachable for me to nitpick through any of it. I believe it would be safe to previse more outstanding animations from you in the future, 5/5 =]

this kid has problems......


Just wish it had sound effects on the animation. The music is pleasing and fitting and the animation is awesome, just fails to tie together for me without sound effects for the animation. a slap without the sound of a slap is placing a hand, ect.

JoelOnToast responds:

Sorry you felt that way. I feared that sound effects would detract from the music

Very well done. The 8-bit song was also very good