Reviews for "Night Light "

The game is good, but you still have to improve a number of things to enhance the story, try deeper into history and the consequences of their decisions, such as when we choose to help james, it could very well kill us for not trusting us, try to deepen the characters and their feelings and make more options decisões.mas the idea of the game in this exellent, congratulations

For one guy your animation is brilliant. It was a really cute idea and you put it across woderfully. Plus, this one was really long compared to your earlier stuff!

I was just browsing through some of the animation on here and came across this. I swear to god we must be on similar wavelengths or something because I just finished a cartoon about monsters with a kid that looks kinda like that. That aside this movie is beautiful. It's this kind of fun, vibrant, creative stuff that I love to see. You had a lot of fun making this and it shows.

Jup...I'm breathless....its amazing! And i swear i love it. 10 of 5 STars :D!