Reviews for "Oddball Omnibus (Ch 1-3)"

WOW, so awesome! Really like the animation, very fluid. Story and world also very nice and I want to see more. But ending was little violent in my opinion.

Kreid responds:

There'll be more soon, hopefully

I've been going on Newgrounds as an unregistered guest for a few years now, and seeing this particular flash is the only reason I'm now registering, so I can write you a review.

This was absolutely wonderful. Animation is fluid and quirky, while the art is fairly good, and the delivery was absolutely flawless. You chose the best voice actors (Especially for the antagonist) and the sample of plot displayed here is absolutely solid. Kudos to you, good sir, and please continue on to the top of the NG ladder.

Kreid responds:

Wellp, I feel loved!

Main charcters sort of reminds me of Wheatley.
Good work on the animation.

WOW best I've seen in a long time

This flash has such smooth animation, adept style, and superb voices! Although a lot of the story remains unanswered, but I'll still give it a 5/5 considering its something fresh to see on newgrounds and I'll look forward to the sequel. So I'll leave with one comment at 5:59. Ouch! O.o