Reviews for "Oddball Omnibus (Ch 1-3)"

I like how the leader is a digital clock as opposed to an analog clock. The pacing was a bit weird, slow in some spots, while really fast in others, and the dialouge in the last minute made no sence, but overall good animation.

That voice... it is! It's Zipp!

This video was pretty good. It had a neat story, decent animation, and and genuinely creepy theme. However, it needed a better backstory (as I was a bit confused why the girl was running away and what the significance of the 8-ball was), and the voiceacting could have been a bit better. Overall, a well created short and I truly enjoyed it.

I think the pacing was off and there was a general lack of foreshadowing. I can most definitely approve of most of the voice acting and the animation which was most excellent and fluent. But there were times where things seem to jump too quickly or the action would commence at such a bizarre angle that I couldn't really understand entirely what was going on. And although the end after the credits was a good climax to leave us on "You had no choice" it just seemed rather disconnected from the already established plot. Perhaps this would make sense later, but I couldn't have possibly connected any of the sequences that happened to whatever the Helheim was going on "in the middle". Also: How could this possibly be three chapters total? I believe this was far too rushed to possibly be three chapters.

I think the worst parts were the angles you chose and the general speed of certain scenes. On the scenes with slightly more action it was far too fast and off angle that it was just annoying to watch them. Also an obvious setting already developed with the timekeepers' plot side, but what about the rest of the world? Seems you attempted showing some influence with the fashion and the posters; but that doesn't give a good idea of what is going on with the world; only the current influence of technology which has little to help in plot development.

Kreid responds:

Makes sense, already explained that I'm hoping to improve my cinematics and camera angles, as I started this early on in the year and have been improving along the way. As for the plot, I can see what you're getting at with the pacing and such, I just didn't think it was important at this stage to delve more into the human world as I didn't want this animation to run for too long. Hopefully there will be improvement in the next 5 chapters, but thanks for being honest and critical in the review, I'll make sure I take it on board

it was alright did anyone else here the bit at the end.
but the thing is there was basicly no point in the story.

Kreid responds:

This isn't the whole thing, as the stinger suggests, there's more to come, this is just the "setting up" arc