Reviews for "Oddball Omnibus (Ch 1-3)"

Awesomeness incarnate!
But i was kind of shocked that the girl and the clock guy died so fast...

Nice and original. And nothing like rocking out at 4 in the morning!

Beyond spectacular! This is the first time I've felt like reviewing something in months... just freaking great. Also its Chrome compatible, good on ya mate!

Smooth animation, and an interesting, if hard to initially follow story line.

This flash has such smooth animation, adept style, and superb voices! Although a lot of the story remains unanswered, but I'll still give it a 5/5 considering its something fresh to see on newgrounds and I'll look forward to the sequel. So I'll leave with one comment at 5:59. Ouch! O.o

That was incredible, well detailed and smooth animation all the way. Can't wait to see more of this!