Reviews for "Portal 2D"

There is no right click menu. you cant change graphical quality. portal the flash version is better to me. the puzzles are a little hrder.

You took away my right-click menu and didn't give me a graphics toggle in return. so not only is the game laggy as to be unplayable for me, but in my right-click menu are what amounts to ads for other web sites. Obnoxious and ludicrous.

Awesome game!!! The addition of disolving gel was really cool. Please do a sequel with more gels and skins.

Very nice thinking game, reasonably challenging, though frustrating at times... (I left it several weeks in level 24 and just now returned and solved it in a couple of minutes). Rather simplistic graphics. I liked the achievements as well, although I did expect one for finishing the game just now :)

This is a good tribute. But not the best (see portal/view/404612)
Fun to play with, but buggy at times, and the infinite loop is too slow
for me. Also, the sounds are great. Except for there is no sound
when entering the portal, which would be good if present.
4/4. Do a sequel, fix bugs, and add cake.