Reviews for "Portal 2D"

I wish there's a portal flash game 2D but can used for multiplayer online


Not sure if I was supposed to do this for the last level, but I skipped the wall puzzle at the bottom where you had to press the button while on the other side of the first wall to open the path to the exit, by going to the top right where the bouncing cube is, and simply dropping down into the passage where the exit is from the bottom-right.

The game is perfectly Valve-like and this is quite a compliment. Still, the only thing bad about the game itselfis the choice of control setting. To make it perfect, it needed the same Portal pc version system (each mouse button assigned to a portal), but it is something that might have been impossible to implement here. Still, the game runs well (even though there are some levels hard to understand as it would imply using the slightest inch of distance to make it work, which is difficult to use when jumping distance is not so high.
Still, quite a good game.

It's a sound homage to the portal series, the only problem I have with it is that the game seems to lag horribly after about five minutes, even when run on it's own with the popup mode. Everything like the physics and the controls are sound but I hate having to close the game and re-open it just to get the lag to go away.

I really liked this. My only complaint is that the jump feature is pretty much useless, which unless i'm just not understanding something, is needed to complete one of the levels. Another issue I have was that I was only able to shoot my primary. Hitting E did absolutely nothing. Q and F were the only working keys for me.