Reviews for "Portal 2D"

my mouse is having the same problem as milc and it has never acted up before so i think it is the game, other than that the game is great

the game is made really good, the graphics and the animations, in fact, are just amazingly good, the only thing i have to complain is, that it dosen't work as well for me, because my mouse just glitches around while playing, but i don't think it's because of this game.

4 stars for Amazing graphics and a damn good engine. If it was an original idea, I would've given 5 stars.


This game is TOTALLY fun!

wow this game is really good. the storyline is a little weird though,just going to get a sandwich. a few of the puzzles really made me think.

I spent all levels without dying after I read and saw the achievement (die over 100 times). : (