Reviews for "Portal 2D"


nice tribute, but the puzzles weren't very challenging, and the whole thing was pretty glitchy (unlockables not unlocking, navigation through menus impossible, the game itself getting stuck on a white screen, forcing to refresh, safe file being deleted). could use improvements/debugging

really, really good, but there's a bug i think on level 11. I'm putting the portal where it needs to be, and thelight bridge isn't passing through the portal >->

Serious lag issues resolved by using Chrome rather than Firefox.

this is really good. i'm a sucker for anything "portal" (i even named my computer "GlaDOS) but there are quite a few glitches scattered around the game. there was one during the chamber were you were introduced to the yellow portal where my portal would spawn mid air attached to nothing and then if i tried to move the portal it actually got closer to me making an infinite loop mid air......... and during the light bridge, my character was bouncing on the bridge as i walked. just fix the glitches and this game will be BEAST!