Reviews for "Uniwords"

Realy good game, loads of fun, but if more than 1 word can b made tha game doesnt recognise it... i mean i got the letters T-H-I-S which i put shit for, but no response :P

ragevb responds:

I just wanted to keep it appropriate for children
Actually It does recognize for example ART, TAR, RAT...

I'm glad you liked it

Not bad. It was definitely something that kept me occupied for a while. However, my biggest problems were that sometimes it's hard to tell what some of the letters are, especially once they've been collected. This was only a minor problem though especially since for the most part you still remember the word you were going for. However, my bigger problem is the orbit system. It doesn't seem to have a very logical flow to it and it can be hard to maneuver. And since the only way to have an effective strategy is to know how to effectively have the little moon/ball orbit so that it hits the correct letters, I see this as a problem.