Reviews for "Jacksmith"

Awesome game, awesome graphics, awesome gameplay, just awesome everything. All of your games deserve five stars; keep it up!

I loved the game! The things I would change are, how unforgiving it is when you make one mistake while crafting. EXAMPLE: I was making a shield, when I got to the paint; I picked the wrong one. Even though I hadn't painted yet, I couldn't put it back.

Also. I don't care for how the shop is set up. While I was making that shield, I accidently used paint that I needed for an EPIC weapon. I couldn't buy it back because it never popped up in the shop. There should be pages to scroll through, and I should be allowed to buy something MORE than once.

This game is really well-crafted (oh my god I made a pun, seppuku now), and horrifically addicting. You always do the same procedures time and time again, but somehow you made it fun to strive to make the strongest weapon and, ultimately, fail. I have no real complaints, to be honest, I just have to say FUCK putting pegs on maces! I hate it!


One of the best games I have ever played, and I have played many great ones. This game could easily become a retail game, theres areas it needs polishing of course (like every game) and theres always room for more.

All in all, it's extremely fun, addictive, entertaining and overall awesome. This game has amazing potential, and has been brought out to it's best so far.