Reviews for "Jacksmith"

I like this game a lot. And not just because i love to build things or manage more than see action.

Other than the well balanced creation system (reminds me of cooking mama, lol), I enjoy the little things that you have added in here- helpful parts like the rims of the melting pots changing color to match whatever Ore i put in, and even the non-gameplay related things like seeing the jacksmith's eyes follow my mouse cursor as I moved it around.

I always know when I've played a quality game by how much time elapses before I catch on that I've been playing a webgame for hours. I spent five hours today before my stomach reminded me that I needed food. Well done! :)


Awesome game! I've played every Papa Louie game so far, but this one is by far my favorite! Please continue too make more. :)

it's great and - besides of the usual papa louis quality - you have a H E L P function.

I must say you have outdone your self sir. Brilliant game.