Reviews for "Jacksmith"

awesome game! a refund for surviving Soldiers would be great

You know what the problem with these Papa Louie games are? They're Skinner Boxes. Look it up if you need to, but I doubt you will since you're so good at making them.

Don't get me wrong. This game is heads and shoulders better than the previous instalments in this series. The addition of the combat minigame is neat, there's actually a somewhat interesting set-up, the art is actually quite impressive. This is a decent game.

But you aren't reaching. You're not willing to let your game stand on its merits and instead you set it up so that the players are engaged not by strong gameplay, but by a steady stream of delicious pellets. This game doesn't even NEED a levelling system. Levelling up doesn't have any effect on the game. It doesn't give me access to better items or materials or let me learn how to make better swords. Other things in the game do that. And I never once worked hard for those levels. They seemed to be going indepenantly. "Oh look," the game would say, "you've finished a level! And see, this bar is filling up! Oh my, it filled up all the way! That means you leveled up you devilishly handsome rogue! You know what that means? Nothing! You get a new title though. How does it feel to be a Goat Sheerer? =D" My level represents nothing other than how many stages I've cleared.

Also, it seems a little convenient that every time I unlock a new unique weapon I somehow magically picked up all the components for it in the battle before. I get that this could be more to let the player try the weapon and see what it does, but with Papa Louie I feel like there's something more sinister going on. It's not an achievement to have collected all the parts to make a sword that gives all my soldiers fifty more points of health. It's another button that goes ding! and gives me another tasty food pellet. If it were easier to make other weapons I wouldn't feel so suspicious of this system. I'd even like it. But the way you implemented it? It's just too convenient. In all the levels I played, I never made the same unique weapon more than once.

Flipline Studios, you guys are capable of making strong games that are capable of standing on your own. This proves it! It deeply saddens me that you resort to these tactics to make your games popular rather than just making good games. This game is SO MUCH BETTER than the other Papa Louie games. You can do better than this.

FliplineStudios responds:

Thanks for the feedback. Actually leveling up is core to how the game is played, this is how you're unlocking new weapons and traveling across the map. If you try performing poorly on a day, and especially at later ranks when the difficulty ramps up, you'll notice you don't move very far and you don't unlock anything new on the next day -- and later levels will take a couple "days" worth of playing to earn enough XP from enemy kills to level up. The number of "days" or stages you've played will vary based on how well you're doing (as some people may reach Rank 20 on Day 25 and someone else may reach Rank 20 on Day 50 if they're making low-quality swords and bows), so your progress is directly related to how well you can make those weapons. I can see why this may not be apparent to the player though-- it's been designed to reward the player when they play well (and kill enough enemies to level up), but to obviously not get those rewards if they're falling behind and not leveling up every day.

I'm not exactly sure what you mean by it being convenient about unlocking unique weapons and magically getting all of the components in the battle before though (I'm assuming you mean Epic Weapon Designs and not rank-based things like getting the Gladius). The chests at the end of trails contain both the scroll for a new Design (like the "Stormsword" epic weapon) and all of the parts necessary to craft one -- they all burst out of the same chest and is by design. As far as not making the same weapon more than once, I'm not sure if you mean you weren't able to make them again (didn't have the parts), or decided not to build them -- if you DO want to craft more of that same "Epic Weapon" design though, you need to stock up on more parts that design requires in the Shop or from loot. That first batch of parts is a freebie to try it out, but if you want to make it again you'll need to collect some new parts.

Great game, had a few glitches at some points (it would skip a step in the forging process and cause the slot to be useless).

FliplineStudios responds:

Thanks! We updated the game (Version 1.03) to fix that glitch you mentioned. The new version should show up automatically for you, but you may need to refresh or clear your cache if it's still showing an old version.

This is a badass game. Sweet premise, smooth gameplay. Very proffesional and very enjoyable. High playability and the game does not get too repetitive or boring even though it would be very easy for such a game to become so. 5 stars to you, my fellows!

Beat the game, still can't stop playing! Very fun and addictive, please make a second installment!