Reviews for "Jacksmith"

Boy, I used to be absolutely crazy about this game. Fantastic art, intuitive gameplay mechanics, and an immersive environment where we collect the parts necessary to make stuff. We were even given the privilege of seeing the weapons we had made in action, ON THE BATTLEFIELD, *AND* WE PARTICIPATED IN THE COMBAT!! I played this game for hours on end.

Bear in mind, none of that has changed. The only thing that DID change is that one patch. You know the one I'm talking about... It's the one that everyone's bitching about! I'm referring to the one that added those fucking fake loading screens just to skirt around AdBlock and shoehorn in ads for Papa's Pizzeria/Burgeria/Diarrhea/Gonorrhea/et ceteria. That was a genuinely upsetting "addition."

Please know that I'm sympathetic to how a big Flash game website has to advertise themselves one way or another; but this way just seemed underhanded. The Papa's Whateveria series is already enough of a cookie-cutter fiasco (in my opinion), and I assure you I will NEVER click on those dumbass ads (at least not intentionally). All in all, I feel it really speaks to the desperation of whomever makes those things that you let them bleed into your GOOD games.

Also bear in mind that I'm aware that the ads make up a fairly small portion of the time spent on any one session, so it's not that much to complain about. As with the reviewers below, I'm complaining about the principle of the thing... and then complacently continuing with the game.

Because it's still fun, goddammit. I REALLY don't want to admit it after what Papa's XYZia did to Jacksmith... but it is still really, really fun. :P

Better then those dumb papas something-aria stuff,i really hope this game is in no way shape or form associated with those games


i don't get it what's wrong with loading screen it's perfectly fine...

Best "cooking" one i've ever played SO FAR.