Reviews for "Jacksmith"

Wish it had badges to get here on Newgrounds.


A great time management game, with elements of puzzle and RPG thrown in too. Gameplay is pretty straightforward, but that doesn't make it any less fun. Gonna have to remove 1.5 stars for the excessive ads though - I get that you guys want to promote your other games and that's fine, but on the main menu there's 7 ads for other Flipline games, which is enough as it is without mentioning the bonus money for liking their Facebook page and the fake loading screen ads between every level.
In short, the game itself is excellent, but the ads take away from the experience a little.

I would have given this another star or 2 if it were not for the ad on EVERY round.
Personally, I was a bit frustrated that ore would sometimes appear at the left edge of the screen while the screen was panning to the right and I was collecting other stuff.
Not that hard to get high 90s or even 100% on every item, so I quickly got to the point where I wished I could automate it. (Maybe someone wrote a script for this?)
Also, I didn't find collecting loot in battles, or firing the cannon (or both) to be a "plus".
The most enjoyable part of the game, for me, was designing weapons to make them more effective. There is a feeling like: once you miss finishing a battle series, you can never make up the lost ground, and you just keep falling further behind.

great game!