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Reviews for "Jacksmith"

i friggin love this game

this game is amazing

cool game flipline has lots of games but this one is the best!

How unfortunate that this is one of the Flipline games that I didn't play back in the days... I checked it out just recently and it is amazing!
The game concept by itself tells you how unique and awesome the game is: you can create your own weapons and have troops use them and fight alongside them in a battle! Seeing my weapons exactly the way I made them (with all of the colors, incosistencies and materials) projected onto the battlefield, felt great.
I also like the huge amount of elements and enemies present in the game, it keeps the game interesting during longer gaming sessions and always makes you think what type of weapons and what combinations of weapon parts would work the best.

Despite the game introducing new enemies and weapons as you go, it did kinda become repetitive after a while, since the enemies did look the same and you'll have seen all of the weapon types being dozens of times. The buzz I had at the start of the journey was slowly fading away... Nevertheless, this was a spectacular game and it kept me busy for several hours! Glad to have played this, better late than never! ;D

This game proves to you that donkeys are better than horses....and that whenever you see a sheep, dont bother attacking it, it has a shield which gives it alot of def. :D