Reviews for "Dr Who - BlaBlaBla Daleks"

The writing was excellent, but maybe it's because I'm not familiar with the Floating Hands series, but I felt this art style made me expect the characters to be more complete. They're so well-drawn otherwise, it feels like I'm watchinga rough pass that's waiting for arms and mouths to be done later. Dropping the bit of sleeve probably would have gone a long way toward fixing that perception.

It was very good and funny.
But I have just one remark - you should have some female voice-actor on board. While Doctor and Rory are made perfect, with their ways os speaking copied very amusingly, Amy and Song sound like drag-queens and don't resemble themselves. Apart from that - very cool.

Oh, Doctor. You always find a way around everything.
Rory! Where did he come from?

Everything was golden except, let us not forget, BBC has no adverts! Woop.

Unless BBC America does? Unlucky guys

Nicely done. For some reason the floating hands and lack of mouths bothers me, but that's just a personal taste thing. Well done!