Reviews for "Dr Who - BlaBlaBla Daleks"

I like the floating hands thing, its new, and an entertaining, comedic type of style to give characters. The storyline was humorous but kind of confusing. But I like your work.

PIe burgers are my fave!

I can't follow any of this... or maybe that's the point to Dr,Who?

A sharp, observent parody of Doctor who. Generally what I'm seeing when Doctor Who is on in the house... Completely inane, non-sensical plot lines with ridiculous sci-fi rules that constantly conflict with itself. For me though, the animation is really a let down; even the most basic of animations feature lip syncing, and the lack of limbs just seems like a shortcut rather than part of the animation's style.

It was a good rendition for someone that I don't think really watches Dr. Who or gets it. It's the kinda parody someone would make if they had a roommate that was a fan and played it a little too loud in their room. Not bad at all from that stand point though.