Reviews for "Dr Who - BlaBlaBla Daleks"

It wasn't the brilliant Doctor Who Spoof we have all been waiting for, but it was certainly very good. Bloody well done!

wow. Best movie I have EVER seen here on Newgrounds. Fantastic! Absolutely brilliant! I loved the part where David Tennant says "I'm sorry. I'm so sorry :|" like he always does. It brings back so many memories! XD I would LOVE to see more!

As a fan of Doctor who... This was hilarious!

lol, yep that's totally doctor who in a nutshell.

It was a good parody that captured Doctor Who well. I find that although the art was good, the fact of the floating hands and that there wasn't any mouth kinda made it difficult to enjoy it as much as I would have. Still good though, I just found that that niggled me a bit :)