Reviews for "Dr Who - BlaBlaBla Daleks"

I like the floating hands thing, its new, and an entertaining, comedic type of style to give characters. The storyline was humorous but kind of confusing. But I like your work.

I'm replacing the "Angels Take Manhatten" with this flash video in my memory, and writing a different ending for the "half" season finale, because MOFFAT IS A BAD BAD MAN!!!.

hehe floating arms was nothing next to the lack of mouths

I Love It! :) Theres just not enough of Doctor Who on this site. Keep up the good work.

No no NO! It isn't Dr. Who, it's DOCTOR Who. You gotta write the whole thing out!

Wogoat responds:

Not according to the ending credits of many classic episodes. (Including the very first) Besides, had I written out 'doctor' I'd have no room for Bla Bla Bla Daleks, I had to take out the spaces as it is.

I still have suspicions whether his doctorate is from a legit university.