Reviews for "Dr Who - BlaBlaBla Daleks"

David Tennant as Doctor > 3 of Matt Smith as Doctor ("The Lonely God" vs "Mr Cool". There's only one way for that to ever end.)

Davies was a far better writer than Moffat, who seems to be trying far too hard. Did you see how they let Amy and Rory go? Everything about that episode is terrible writing! Angels looking at each other so they can't really move, Statue of Liberty as an Angel is am amusing idea but is just beyond stupid (and with no explanation), a paradox to cancel an event that ends up creating itself is just beyond BS, and it was just overall terrible. Moffat's trying too hard to be as good as Davies. Hope when Smith leaves he leaves, because his best episodes were Blink and The Library. Past that, they're all so very.....bleh.

The voice acting wasn't THAT bad, you definitely sounded like them a couple times. The writing in this feels on par with what they're doing right now. The intro scene is actually better than what it is now (but they were high when they made the current one, I'm sure).

As stupid as this was supposed to be, I kinda LIKE it....probably because it kinda sums up how absurd the show is turning to be....

Everything was golden except, let us not forget, BBC has no adverts! Woop.

Unless BBC America does? Unlucky guys

yep, this is just about how the show goes now. David Tennant was the best doctor in my opinion.

"jacks feminine wiles." lol.

I really liked this because it makes fun of the latest Doctor, who is absolute pissy garbage.

lol love it